I compose jazzy and neoclassical music, and sometimes alternative, math rock pieces. The latter are based on algorithmic procedures that I devised.

My greatest desire is to learn and grow as a composer. My wildest dream is to learn from, and maybe one day collaborate with, AKA MOON and Fabrizio Cassol.

I have a Bandcamp, and there you can find my songs as 24-bit FLACs. This is my latest album, "Tensegrity".

More compositions and covers are available here. A blog about my compositions is here.

Some scattered facts about me:

I have recently formed a Belgian-Japanese metal duo called Mathemorphosis. Check out our latest song, "Longing", which was written by Guresuke (music) and Eidon (lyrics)!

The American author Howard Bloom, music publicist for singers and bands such as Prince, Billy Joel, and Styx, listened to and praised my music.

Roel Vergauwen — programmator of the Rock Werchter Festival selected my music!

"Eidon is een solo artiest uit Leuven die zijn muziek bestempelt als progressive rock, wat in deze tijden al bijzonder is. Maar hij put ook uit mathrock, minimal music, jazz, etnische muziek,... Hij zou perfect passen als support van Gogo Penguin, Battles of Dijf Sanders en kan op termijn misschien wel een plaats veroveren op zowel Rock Werchter als Gent Jazz of Couleur Café. Benieuwd hoe hij dit live brengt."

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